Solar plexus, the

Its role in our psychic life

March 6th 2019
Humans are rarely concerned with what is happening in their solar plexus even when they feel discomfort. That shows their lack of knowledge, because even if the solar plexus is a centre that is part of the sympathetic nervous system and thus belongs to their physical body, it plays an important role in their psychic life and even in their spiritual life. That is why you must avoid all states causing tension in the solar plexus or causing it to lose energy: anxiety, anger, fear, nervousness, and all disharmonious and violent feelings. And if it can tighten up and empty, the solar plexus can also expand and fill up. Among the various possible methods, the easiest is to take a hot foot bath. It does not have to last very long. The most important is to take it consciously, and gently touch your feet while focusing on your solar plexus. The solar plexus can even become a guide for those who learn how to work with it: it communicates information about people, objects and events almost instantaneously. We sometimes talk about a sixth sense. The solar plexus is already a form of sixth sense.