Sexual energies

Are permeated with human's thoughts and feelings

March 7th 2019
For thousands of years, Cosmic Intelligence has installed in humans an entire network of subtle channels through which sexual energy, by taking the path upwards, can contribute to the vitality of all their faculties. In order to evolve, humans must learn to direct their energies towards the world of the soul and spirit: in this way, they will awaken faculties in their brain they are not yet aware of. The genitals themselves are neutral, exactly like a fountain and a tap are neutral – what matters is the quality of the water that passes through them. What humans give through these organs depends on the nature of their thoughts, their feelings, and their level of consciousness. In those who have learned to sublimate sexual energy thanks to their constant aspiration to a higher life, this quintessence comes alive with intense vibrations – it is powerful and attracts heavenly beings that, through them, create a new life of light and beauty.