Does not depend on changes in the outside world

March 9th 2019
Humans believe that they will find peace by changing or removing something or someone exterior to them or who bothered them. And that's where they are wrong. Because peace is a state that we must first create within ourselves. Do not imagine you will finally find peace by changing husband or wife, by moving apartment, changing friends, job, country, or religion, and so on. Peace does not depend on these kinds of changes. Some tranquility or a break, yes maybe. But in no time, other torments will come and assail you. You must understand that peace depends only on your ability to bring order to your psychic life. Make these changes and you will be able to stay with the same people in the same places, faced with the same challenges – nothing will perturb you anymore. For true peace comes from within: it pours forth and overwhelms you despite the turbulence and commotion of the outside world. It is like a river of light that descends from higher ground and permeates your entire being.