Jesus, before and after

Sons of god came to incarnate on earth

March 13th 2019
Christians are perhaps proud to belong to a religion that tells them that two thousand years ago God wanted to manifest his love by sending his only son to save them. Unfortunately, the belief that Jesus is the only son of God saves no one, and we must now dismiss this outrageous idea. For it also shows very poor understanding of God's love which is immense, eternal and infinite: God has had many sons and daughters, he has many at present, and there will be many more. God has always accompanied humans with his love by sending them beings who help them evolve, and he will continue to send more. He has no interest in authorities that forbid him to send anyone else after Jesus or say that humans were deprived of true light before Jesus came. As if the salvation of human beings depended on the era they lived in: before Jesus or after Jesus! The Church may persist in setting a beginning and an end to divine revelation, but the Lord is not deterred by such decrees, he continues to ignore them and to send his sons and daughters to save humanity.