To devote all our faculties to the service of god

March 14th 2019
When we see what most people call freedom, the word 'licence' or 'debauchery' would really be more suitable. So many people want to be free to give in to laziness, pleasure and passion, without realizing it is precisely this attitude that limits them and enslaves them! True freedom is not acquired by freeing oneself from all constraints, but by becoming a servant, yes, a servant of God. Human beings' destiny is to find the Divine that dwells within them and to serve it. When their physical, psychic and spiritual faculties are fully imbued with the Divine they will become truly free – free and creative. There is something essential you must understand here. Those who serve the divine Principle do not serve someone or something exterior to themselves. That is why, not only do they not lose their freedom; on the contrary, they gain freedom. This is one of the main principles of true religion.