Diamond, the

Symbol of the light that shines in us

March 19th 2019
The diamond has a lustre that puts it above all other precious stones. Our spirit, like a diamond, is pure light, and it is toward this light shining at the summit of our being that we must rise by working to acquire true simplicity. Simplicity is primarily a quality of our intellect, and this requires us to vibrate in unison with the divine Principle. From there, it descends into our heart to purify our feelings and desires. And finally, our will, putting itself in service of our intellect and heart, brings order and harmony everywhere. It is obviously difficult to achieve this simplicity. Much knowledge and great effort is required to rid ourselves of all the foreign and contradictory elements that are mixed and entangled in human beings. If a spiritual teaching gives us so many explanations, methods, and exercises, it is to show us how to acquire true simplicity so that we may become diamonds.