Occult knowledge and powers

The danger of wanting to gain them prematurely

March 25th 2019
So many disciples wait for their Master to reveal what they must do to become clairvoyants, alchemists, cabbalists, mages, and so on. They don't realize that this kind of desire is of no real use to them and can even be harmful for them. Acquiring occult knowledge and powers is what should come last. And wanting to start with what comes last is a very bad trend among disciples of an initiatic teaching. They don't know anything about the psychic and spiritual worlds and have not purified themselves, but they are greedy to receive the biggest secrets of initiation. These great secrets will crush them, they will not be able to endure them; but they don't see that and they don't want to see that. Simply being interested in occult science does not suffice. All true Masters will tell you that. But the day a Master sees that someone is ready, they themselves will bring down the veil and make everything the disciple wished to know accessible to them.