Creates ties as strong as love

March 26th 2019
Humans have the habit of responding to evil with evil and to hatred with hatred, but this old philosophy has never produced good results. So often, in trying to get rid of an enemy, they actually tie themselves to their enemy! Because when we hate someone, it's exactly as if we love them. People think that hatred cuts ties. On the contrary, it creates ties as strong and as firm as love. These ties are of course different: love brings certain things, and hatred brings others but just as surely and as powerfully as love does. All that is good opposes evil, and it is thanks to love that we can fight hatred. Evil is always defeated in the end, for God refused to make it immortal. We can compare every word and act of hatred to a stone thrown up in the air – with time, it has less force to rise up. Conversely, a good word or an act of kindness can be compared to a stone thrown from the top of a tower – with time, its movement and power gain impetus. This is the secret of good: although it may be weak at first, in the end it is all-powerful and triumphant.