Its emanations are food for invisible entities

March 27th 2019
Blood is always associated with the idea of life, and it is even one of the most powerful symbols of life. While it circulates in the body blood is protected as if in a sealed container. But as soon as it flows out of the body for whatever reason, like any liquid, it evaporates, that is to say the etheric particles it emanates are dispersed in the atmosphere. And because these particles retain some of the elements that make blood lifegiving, they are food for invisible entities. Nothing is lost in the universe: there are always good or evil entities that come to feed off the life emanating from even a few drops of blood. So, when you lose blood, do not let it dry and do not get rid of it until you have dedicated it in thought to that which is good. In dedicating it in this way, you repel the dark entities on the astral plane always seeking to feed on blood's emanations to strengthen themselves, and you will attract beneficial entities.