Psychic pollution

Is just as real as physical pollution

March 28th 2019
How can humans be taught to control their thoughts and desires so that they stop polluting nature and the etheric regions? They are not vigilant enough to avoid the pollution of the physical plane that is right before their eyes, and are even less so with regard to the psychic plane which they do not see; and they continue emitting bad thoughts and feelings that permeate the people they spend time with. And maybe these people's consciousness is not sufficiently elevated for them to sense the noxious elements that enter them either; even if they are not aware of these elements, they take immediate effect. And since everything is recorded, those who sent them will one day be punished. We must always seek to live in harmony with this great universal body in which we are given ‘board and lodging’ and strive to fill space with pure, luminous, and good thoughts. Since these purifying currents do not remain in one place only, they will be a blessing for the whole of humanity.