Moral code

Its basis: what we do to others, we do to ourselves

April 2nd 2019
It is really difficult for human beings to truly know themselves – they represent such an immense and diverse world. Having been made in God's image, humans are found throughout Creation. And because they are unaware of this, their life is very difficult. Particularly when they clash with others and bump things without knowing that these other people are part of them and that they are part of others. This truth is the basis of moral code. All laws about respect and love of one's neighbour are based on the fact that what people do to others, they also do to themselves. Even if they are not aware of this due to their limited and obscured consciousness, the suffering they inflict on their fellow humans also affects them; by destroying something in others, they unknowingly destroy something in themselves. So often they feel faint or experience various disorders without knowing the reason why. These are simply the repercussions of the harm they thought they had only done to others.