Sexual energy

When controlled, it vivifies the cells in your body, including your brain

April 5th 2019
Life is transmitted and perpetuated by the sexual organs. You must study the science and wisdom that goes into creating these organs, and respect them. However, they are often the organs which are the least respected: puritans consider them with disgust, the debauched abuse them, comedians and rude people joke about them, and most men and women see them simply as a source of enjoyment. Initiatic Science tells us that the energy that manifests through the genitals descends from the heavenly regions. And because this energy descends from the heavenly regions, humans would do well to think about how they use their organs that enable this energy to manifest. They should even dedicate them to the Divine, so that, instead of allowing this energy to simply pass through them and go to waste, this cosmic energy of love may rise up and vivify all the cells in their body, including their brain. If they are content with feeling this energy like a great tension which they are eager to release, they deprive themselves of all the joy love could bring them, and of all the knowledge and power too.