Doing good

There also precautions to take

April 10th 2019
A criminal preparing their crime knows they must hide their intentions and work in the dark. So how can people with good intentions expect to succeed if they expose themselves in plain daylight? How naive they are. Some people are vain and show off, and in so doing they provoke opposition and arouse spite and jealousy. Whether you intend to do something good or bad, it is best not to attract attention – that's how things work. If you are thinking of giving someone a gift, be careful, for it would be best if there were no witnesses. And sometimes, it might even be preferable if the person you are benefitting does not know where the gift comes from, for your gesture might provoke unexpected reactions in them that they will not know how to interpret. Wanting to do good does not suffice: here too, it is sometimes necessary to take precautions.