Heavenly parents, our

We will always need their help and advice

April 12th 2019
If we compare humans to animals, it's surprising how quickly a little animal grows and becomes independant, while human children grow so slowly. This slowness is due to human nature's extreme wealth and complexity. Physically and psychically especially, so many mechanisms must develop for children to acquire all the necessary abilities. And until they do, they require the help and protection of their parents. But human evolution does not stop when their earthly father and mother have fulfilled their role. Human beings are also spiritual beings that must continually progress. This is why, even once they have reached adulthood, they are still like a child who needs their parents spiritually speaking: their heavenly Father and divine Mother. Regardless of their knowledge and experience, every human must stay young at heart, like a child – simple, spontaneous, open, and totally trusting of their heavenly parents so as to receive their help and advice.