Devil, the

A cosmic entity and an aspect of humans' lower nature

April 13th 2019
When people talk about the devil, they do not know exactly to what cosmic or psychic reality this word corresponds. Firstly, the devil does not exist as an entity opposed to God and on an equal footing with him. Those who claim the devil appeared to them have only imagined it. Spirits of light exist and so do spirits of darkness. It is this group of dark spirits that we call the devil, and this collective force is nourished and reinforced by people's negative thoughts, feelings and actions. We can also say that the devil is a part of human beings themselves: their lower self that they have continuously fed during their reincarnations by reason of their weaknesses and vices. However, an entity of light also exists in humans: their higher self formed thanks to their thoughts, feelings and actions inspired by kindness, generosity, love and sacrifice. Throughout their lives, humans are torn between their lower self and their higher self, and it's up to them to decide which of the two they would like to see materialize.