Higher self, our

Lives in the sun

April 16th 2019
The atmosphere surrounding the earth and divided by science into various layers, each with a particular name (troposphere, stratosphere, and so on), extends for several hundred kilometres into space. But beyond that, the earth has an etheric body which extends as far as the sun – it touches the sun and merges with its etheric body. For the sun too possesses an etheric body which, extending well beyond its own sphere, touches the earth, and further still, the other planets. This is why the sun and the earth are not separate, their atmospheres connect and melt into each other. And since human beings are formed in the image of the universe, they too touch the sun on the subtle plane of emanations. Even if you cannot yet sense it, tell yourself that there is a part of you, a very subtle part – your higher self – that dwells in the sun.