Sun, the

Its image leads us on the path of resurrection

April 21st 2019
All of nature resurrects in spring. But resurrection is also a continuous process taking place in the souls of those who work on themselves with awareness and enlightenment towards a divine goal. And such a process necessarily begins with our head. This means that if we place a very elevated idea at the centre of our life, and if we firmly maintain it within us, this idea will attract, from the subtle planes, etheric particles in harmony with it: stainless like gold and transparent like crystal. Most importantly, begin with an idea. But it can also be an image that embodies this idea, like the image of the sun. If you hold within you the image of the sun – which is light, warmth and life – you are already on the path to resurrection. Maintain it steadfastly, nourish it and love it, and it will do its work. Resurrection is the sun that begins to manifest itself in humans – the true sun that introduces intthem a quintessence of its own nature, like leaven and ferment.