Must be present with their children. example

April 26th 2019
Having observed some negative effects of the influence of families on their children, some thinkers have claimed to remedy this by calling the family's presence into question: in their opinion, it was no longer the family's role to ensure the child's education, but that of state controlled institutions. Well, these are misconceptions that can only create serious problems for children as well as for parents. For their development, children need to feel the presence of their parents, and parents need to take care of their children. A state or an institution will never solve children's education problems by removing them from their parents and placing them in the care of strangers. Of course, I am not talking about exceptional circumstances where parents are unable to care for their children. Not only should children be allowed to live with their parents, but parents must be very present for their children and be aware of their responsibilities in the upbringing they give them. And the first of these responsibilities is to set good examples for them.