A recycling plant

April 29th 2019
To survive, all creatures need to feed themselves, but once they have done so, they must eliminate the elements that are no longer useful to their bodies. So, whatever the quality of what they take in, there is waste to be evacuated and it is shipped to places specially provided for this. These processes are found on all planes and at all levels of Creation. Thus, hell, which Christians have spoken so much about for centuries, depicting it in frightening forms and colours, is actually the place where all that is 'evil' – that is to say the waste and the impure matter produced and released by all creatures in the universe – is dumped. But once there, this matter is not abandoned and forgotten. Powerful entities descend into this depository to collect items they will reuse for their work. Nature has always carried out what we today call 'recycling': since nothing must remain unused, nature sends all polluted matter to the treatment plant.