Primary expression of the spirit

May 1st 2019
Creation, with its myriad manifestations and events, can in fact be reduced to a set of numbers. If we succeed in vivifying numbers, understanding how they work, we can see they represent forces that act in nature, and their sums, subtractions, multiplications and divisions produce forms and movement. When we look at a snail’s shell or the structure of a crystal, how can we not admire the work of numbers? All the principles of arithmetic are found in stones, plants, animals, stars, in the human body, in humans’ psychic life, and even in their destiny. Numbers are therefore at the origin of creation: each existence is the result of the crystallisation and aggregation of material elements around a number. Those who succeed in acquiring the true science of numbers are not only capable of piercing the mysteries of creation, they also possess the omnipotence of the spirit, for numbers are the primary expression of the spirit.