Everything in the sun is new

May 2nd 2019
Solomon said ‘There is nothing new under the sun’. Perhaps, but isn’t the sun itself always new? Each morning, as it rises, it invites us to receive new life, to harmonise ourselves with the new currents that it sends throughout the universe. And why remain under the sun? If by thought we seek to ascend into the sun, if we enter into vibration with its heart, then everything will seem new to us each day. At first, it is obviously difficult to perceive the sun as a living, vibrant being. You look at it and it seems far away to you. Why? Because it is not a part of you, or rather, because you have not yet been able to become a part of it. But persevere, strive to enter into it, soon you will receive new forces from it. It will be as if, for the first time, you are finally living.