Symbolically represents the end of a cycle

May 6th 2019
Every morning, the rising sun marks the beginning of a day, and if you have plans, you are free to realize them or not, and to change them. But the moment the sun sets, when the day is over, what is done is done, nothing more, nothing less. Sunset represents the end of the cycle that is a day. However, in the language of symbols, a day is not only a twenty-four hour period; it can also represent a month, a year, and even a lifetime. Every human being is given a sufficient amount of time to fulfil their obligations and make amends. Once this time has passed, anyone who has been negligent, who has shown ill-will or who, having done wrong, has not mended their mistakes, will suffer the law of karma. When we have not put our affairs in order before the sun sets, which is to say before leaving the earth, we will encounter the same difficulties in a future incarnation. And ‘putting our affairs in order’ means restoring harmonious relationships not only with the people around us, but with the divine world.