Spirit, the

All our resources are within it

May 7th 2019
Those who decide to go within discover that the source of their wealth – their spirit – is inexhaustible and that with very little, they are replete, fulfilled, and their thirst is quenched. It always comes back to the same question: how to free the spirit within us. It is first and foremost upon the spirit that we must rely. In times of trouble and hardship, only the spirit has the power to support us and give us the means to rebuild ourselves. Everyone can abandon us, we can lose everything, everything that is, except for ourselves, our spirit. So, why not search there, within, since it is the only possession, the only certainty we truly have? Everything – our successes and joys, of course, but also our hardships and sorrows – can help us to seek the riches the spirit has placed within us. They may not be very apparent, for that which is most precious and given to us by the Creator is buried deep within us. But thanks to the effort we make to discover these riches, we will grow in the world of the spirit.