Spiritualist meetings

Have a clear idea of what is going on

May 9th 2019
The psychic space surrounding the earth naturally rids it of the inferior entities that encumber it; they are warded off and absorbed into the underground depths. However, there still remain a few, and it is often they who manifest during spiritualist meetings. It is within the ability of the lowest entities to enter into the head of a medium and speak in the name of Moses, Jesus, Joan of Arc or Napoleon; the name it uses to present itself proves nothing. Such entities manifesting themselves in this way come from the lower astral plane and often take malicious pleasure in deceiving humans. So, people who believe that they are enlightened by the answers they receive go further and further astray, and often end up suffering serious imbalances. It is not forbidden to attend spiritualist meetings to get an idea of what goes on there, but remain cautious, do not be too gullible.