Saying no

The only answer to give to dark entities

May 15th 2019
All sorts of dark entities try to seduce humans. They must know how to recognize them and how to respond. To answer them, they can simply say ‘no’. Human beings' true power lies in saying no. No one in the world can make them do something they do not want to. Not even God can force them. If humans knew where their true power lay, they would triumph over every seduction, every temptation. If they make mistakes, it is because they consent to them. Evil spirits have the right and the means to tempt them, but they have no right to force them. It is through ignorance of their divine origin that humans succumb to the onslaught of evil. When they are able to say ‘no’, the spirits of darkness leave them and the spirits of light come to serve them. Each time they win an inner battle, each time they resist temptation, they receive light and strength.