Happiness and misfortune – humans create their own conditions

May 16th 2019
Human beings are master of their destiny. Too many people still believe that their life is governed by chance or by fate; or that there is a superior will imposed upon them, the will of God or of the gods. To this day, the Church teaches Christians that their destiny is ruled by God’s will, a mysterious, impenetrable will. When a child is born handicapped, a man unjustly condemned, or when a woman dies after being run over by a drunk driver while she crossed the street, someone might say, ‘It is God’s will’. No, there is no will of God that randomly distributes misfortune or happiness. For humans themselves, through the life they led in the recent or distant past, have prepared the conditions of their present life. What we call destiny is but the fulfilment or the application of laws that people have themselves set in motion through their thoughts, feelings and actions. It is they who forge their destiny. If they have done wrong in the past, but henceforth decide to practice justice and righteousness, they will live a true life, the life of the soul and the spirit, immortal life.