Bring light and protection to people after death

November 2nd 2011
It is always interesting to know about the funeral practices in times past, as well as what remains of them today, and to understand their significance. But if you want to help a deceased person in the next world, these practices are not essential. What is most important is the life this person themselves has led on earth. Then, if they are buried with objects, if ceremonies are performed or prayers said for them, these things are certainly helpful, a support and a comfort for their soul, but the power of these rituals is limited. What will truly help a human being who is leaving the earth for the next world are the virtues they have practised during their lifetime. So let’s be clear: if you have lived in harmony with the cosmic Spirit, with the laws of all living nature, regardless of what is done to your body after death and what happens to it, a light will accompany you through the shadows of the afterlife.