Psychic matter, our – we must never stop subjecting it to the power of the spirit

May 20th 2019
Matter never ceases to oppose the spirit within us. Even when, after much effort, we succeed in dominating it, this victory does not last and we must continually start over again. And when I speak here of matter, it is not only about physical matter, but also about our psychic matter which resists us too. One moment, we succeed in getting it to obey, making it vibrate in unison with the world of light; the next moment, it returns to its initial inertia, and we must get back to work: meditating, praying, doing exercises. Obviously, we are able to master it little by little, but in order to maintain this control we must continue practicing tirelessly. Even if a virtuoso musician has successfully developed their exceptional gifts, regardless of the level they have attained, they must practice for several hours a day in order to retain mastery of their instrument and be able to express through it the most subtle movements of their soul. It is the same in spiritual life: every day we must strive to subject our psychic matter to the power of the spirit.