How to channel their energy

May 21st 2019
When you take a walk in the forest, don't just look at the trees absent-mindedly as you go by, rather tell yourself that these are creatures through which you can regenerate yourself. Choose one: an oak tree, a pine tree, a beech tree, a birch, and so on. Greet it, asking it to give you some of its strength. Then lean back against it, placing your left hand behind your back, palm against the tree trunk, and the palm of your right hand on your solar plexus. Concentrate on thinking that you are receiving streams of life from this tree through your left hand, and that you are pouring them into your solar plexus with your right hand. After a few minutes you will feel at peace and strengthened. Then thank the tree for what it has given you, and continue on your way. To practice this transfusion of energy properly, you must of course be aware that trees are living beings, and love them. These days, very few people have an idea of the tremendous strength the trees in the forest possess. Most people have lost the secrets of regeneration because they do not seek to study the language of each thing in nature. By learning to vitalize themselves with trees, people will rediscover these secrets.