Higher self, our

A quintessence of god himself

May 27th 2019
The universe is a body that God animates with his spirit. This is what the ancient philosophers called the macrocosm. Similarly, humans have a body, a microcosm, created in the image of the macrocosm, and the spirit that animates this body is a spark from the Divine Spirit. For so many centuries it has been said that God created humans in his image! Which means that in creating us, he placed within us a quintessence of himself, of the same light, of the same purity, and of the same power. It is this divine quintessence within us that Initiatic Science calls the higher self. So, if we focus on our higher self, we connect with God, because our higher self is a particle of him. As a result of the efforts we make to reach this centre in ourselves – we can also say this summit, as from a spiritual viewpoint the summit corresponds to the centre – we bring forth forces that vivify all the cells of our body.