Child, the

Its nature depends on what its parents put inside it during its conception and gestation

June 3rd 2019
One often hears parents complain ‘What did we do to deserve such a child?’ Sadly, they did do something, if only being ignorant, for ignorance is the worst of misfortunes. And among the many aspects of this ignorance is the belief that the birth of a child is some kind of luck of the draw, a lottery. Of course, many of a child’s physical and psychic traits can be explained by heredity, but if this explanation were sufficient, children born to the same father and mother should not be so physically, morally and intellectually different. Yet it happens. This proves that there are other explanations – the laws of reincarnation, but also the nature of the elements and currents the parents attracted through their thoughts and feelings at the time of the child’s conception. It is not enough to know about biology and physiology, one must know about the fluidic and energy processes that come into play both at the time of conception and during the pregnancy, in order to understand that there are forces there to channel towards a specific goal, a spiritual goal.