Perfume, wearing

For women, a memory of paradise

November 4th 2011
According to tradition, when the Creator placed Adam and Eve in their earthly paradise, he entrusted Adam with the care of animals and Eve with the care of vegetation. This is why Eve, living among flowers, eventually herself gave off a scent of flowers. But at the time of the first sin, she lost this power. Before the fall, she emanated all kinds of delightful perfumes, because she possessed the qualities and virtues that manifest on the physical plane as fragrances. In fact, all psychic phenomena correspond to something in the physical world: a fragrance is the physical expression of a virtue, a nauseous odour the physical expression of a vice. And now, if women experience such a desire to wear perfume, it is in remembrance of the time when they lived in paradise and possessed this gift of naturally exhaling fragrances. But wearing perfume is not the best way. There is nothing wrong with wearing perfume, and even make-up, but if women learned to develop certain qualities and virtues, they would have no further need of artifice: they would regain their true fragrance, their original beauty.