Progress, our

Its impact on those around us

June 7th 2019
Even if you do not sense it very clearly, you are linked to the members of your family and of society, and as you make progress, all the riches and light you receive reflect upon them. As a result of your progress, they move forward too. And the same holds true if you begin to take a bad turn: all those to whom you are linked suffer harmful influences because of you. So, you are guilty twice over. Everyone is responsible for their own actions not only with respect to themselves, but with respect to others. Do you wish to be useful and to help the whole of humanity, and even animals, plants, and all of nature? Take the path that leads upwards. Imperceptibly, you lead all of creation toward the heights, and the invisible world rewards you because through your conduct, you bring blessings to all beings. But be careful not to drag them down!