Holy spirit, the

A manifestation of our higher self

June 9th 2019
The Holy Spirit descending upon the human soul is a symbol that can be found in all spiritual traditions in one form or another. But even if it is said that the Holy Spirit ‘descends’ upon humans, it is not an entity external to them: it is their higher self, this divine quintessence placed within them by the Creator, manifesting itself. Saying that humans receive the Holy Spirit means that they have managed to connect with their own spirit, their higher self. Like a drop of water in the ocean, like a spark in the fire, their higher self is made of the same quintessence as the Divine. No event in a human being’s life, no happiness, no grace can compare to this moment when they come into contact with the Holy Spirit. It is like a heavenly lightning bolt. However, it is not because they have received this bolt of lightning that they suddenly possess all virtues. The road to perfection is open to them, but they will still have to work a long time before reaching the goal.