Divine fire

The transformations its descent into humans brings about

June 10th 2019
The ultimate goal of initiation is to receive divine fire. Those who have received this fire can wish for nothing beyond it. But much time and effort is required before this fire agrees to descend. For it can only enter into a dwelling especially prepared to receive it – a home that is purified and sanctified. Every day, through meditation and prayer, but also through our feelings, thoughts and actions, we must build within ourselves a dwelling made of the most luminous materials, so that the fire, this divine guest, recognizing in it its own quintessence, is irresistibly drawn to it. And this divine guest does not come alone, it arrives with many servants: angels as well as nature spirits come to live in this person in the form of gifts, qualities, and virtues. Their outward appearance may not have changed, but within, everything will be transformed.