Truth, the

One must have already found it and yet continue to seek it

June 11th 2019
Someone who gives their points of view claiming to speak the truth without first having worked hard on their inner self, not only runs the risk of being mistaken, but of misleading others too. They may be sincere, but they will not be right. Sincerity is one thing, and the truth is another. One can be sincere while wading through the worst mistakes, but one must never use the pretext of being sincere to justify oneself. Those who sincerely seek the truth have only simple questions to ask themselves: Are my feelings inspired by true love? Do my thoughts follow the path of wisdom? Each time you include elements of wisdom and love in your thoughts and feelings, you get closer to the truth, you touch on a new aspect and reach a new level of it, and these aspects and levels are infinite in number. You must have found the truth and yet at the same time continue to seek it; that is to say, adhere to the two immutable principles of love and wisdom, while at the same time mobilizing all the resources of your will to embody these two principles in your life.