Astral body, it is the

That opposes entry into the kingdom of god

June 14th 2019
It is the nature of the astral body, the body of human beings' desires, to be insatiable: it constantly pushes people to desire ever more, even if it is to the detriment of others, and even if they have much more than they need. When the astral body is not disciplined or educated, it takes on inordinate proportions: money, objects, land, buildings, businesses, and so on – nothing escapes its greed. And as people endlessly give in to their desires, this astral body within them becomes something monstrous, a veritable tumour. Human appetites can also be of another sort: ambition, sensuality, and so on. In some people, the astral body resembles a stomach whose hunger nothing can appease, a bottomless pit ready to suck everything in. These are the beings Jesus says in the Gospel will not enter the kingdom of God. For in God’s kingdom, only beings capable of selflessness, of disinterestedness, of sacrifice are accepted – those who have learned to control their astral body.