Its negative effects

June 17th 2019
Pessimism is generally considered to be a form of lucidity and wisdom. Are we not surrounded by danger? Nature and humans too, pose a permanent threat, and everything will end badly; we must, therefore, be wary and take precautions. The pessimist believes that by mistrusting everything, as evil can spring from anywhere, they are showing foresight. Well, no, this highly negative view of things is not foresight, and it is even harmful to the psyche. Those who constantly think the worst will inevitably happen at any time and any place, end up with such a clouded outlook that they can no longer spot the dangers or the enemy when they actually appear; and moreover, they paralyze the vital forces within themselves that would enable them to react. So, where is the wisdom in that, since they lack lucidity and are depriving themselves of the means to face such situations?