Animal instinct within us that we must control, the

June 19th 2019
If human beings' animal nature is so powerful, it is because for thousands of years, they had to face particularly difficult conditions in order to survive. Look at all the trouble animals go to in finding food, in seeking and maintaining shelter, raising their young, and protecting themselves from the attacks of other animals. It is the same for humans. After having lived in identical conditions, how can they now be good, generous, and open to others? So this is the issue each of us must now resolve: how to control this formidable instinctive force that lies within us? Not only is it present externally and collectively, it is also present within us. So, tell yourself every day that you have nothing more important to do than to learn to master your lower nature with the weapons of the spirit. Otherwise, do you think it will be grateful to you for having fed and served it? Not at all! Greed and ingratitude are aspects of the lower nature. All those who have warmed and fed it always end up torn to pieces and devoured.