Respect and gratitude, the

To be given in return for all we have received

June 20th 2019
We often hear people complain that they are lacking something. When will they become aware of everything they have received from God, their Creator? And they imagine they can justify their ingratitude by saying they do not believe in God. If they do not believe in God, they must think of everything they owe to nature: not only the elements of which their body is made, but also all that allows them to subsist: air, water, food, the light and heat of the sun... Humans are often justifiably proud of their skills and ingenuity, but from where did they get the materials they use to make their instruments, devices and even their works of art? From nature. Yet, not only are they ungrateful, they spoil nature and waste its riches. In so doing, they transgress the laws of cosmic order symbolized by scales. For all that we receive, we must give something in return, at the very least our gratitude and respect. This is the balance of the cosmic scales.