Its creative power

June 21st 2019
Tradition has it that when Orpheus played his lyre, he could charm humans and animals with his songs, indeed even plants, stones and the forces of nature. And in the Bible, it is said that it was to the sound of trumpets that the army of Israelites, led by Joshua, caused the walls of Jericho to fall. These stories, even of legend, cause us to reflect on the power of sound. Whether from instruments or voices, sound vibrations act upon physical matter and psychic matter alike. This is why instrumental music and singing have played and continue to play such an important role in cultures and civilizations. They inspire emotions, provide impetus; they can even take hold of an entire being, as if their soul were torn from their body. Since time immemorial, humans have known how to use the power of sound, some to bring order and harmony to hearts and souls, others to introduce chaos and unleash passions. So strive to become aware of the effects that sound has upon you.