Master, spiritual

Acquiring his qualities through exercises of identification

January 31st 2011
Disciples wishing to have the same qualities as their Master strive to identify with him. In this way they set up a truly magical connection between the Master and themselves, and thanks to this connection they begin little by little to resemble him. Not physically, perhaps, although that is possible – with a great deal of will, faith and time – but inwardly they receive the wisdom and light of their Master. So, for disciples, true magic lies in their seeking to identify with their Master, so as to attain the treasures contained in his soul, heart, intelligence and will and have these treasures poured into them. And the Master agrees to this, as he has no other wish than to share what he has. And if a Master sees that any of his disciples can go further than him, he rejoices. He says, ‘These are my children. This one is better than me? Good, because it is I who am their father.’ And the sight of this child fills him with pride.