It is up to us to learn to detect them

November 6th 2011
As long as we are here on the earth, we will have to face every expression of evil. It is pointless to try and suppress it; we will never succeed, and it is not up to us to do so. Our task is to be vigilant and to grow stronger. If there are wicked people, if there are evil spirits, it means the Creator allows them to exist, and we too must accept them. They have the right to try to harm us, and we have not only the right but a duty to protect ourselves. If we do not protect ourselves and we become their victims, we have only ourselves to blame. You will say, ‘But if I put my trust in God, if I love him, he will protect me.’ No, if you cannot tell where evil might come from and protect yourself from it, even your love for God will not save you. God will say to you, ‘You love me? That’s all very well, but why do you want me to do all the work?’ Neither your love nor all your good qualities will keep you safe if you have not at least learned to open your eyes and recognize where danger is coming from.