Spirit, the

When we unite with it, we enter under the law of providence

June 27th 2019
We say that some people are good, and that others are bad. But in truth, every human being is a mixture of both good and bad in different proportions. It is the good in each of us that urges us to examine ourselves in view of correcting and improving ourselves. And by improving ourselves, we change our destiny. We all have the power to change the course of our destiny, to reverse the tides of fate, or to go against the current without being swept away, drowned, or cast onto the rocks. We must even learn to use the opposing force of the counter-currents to sail above all the obstacles, ride the wind and launch ourselves up to heaven. But only the spirit within us is able to achieve this marvel. When we associate ourselves with the spirit, when we unite with the spirit, we are no longer subject to destiny – we enter under the law of Providence, and Providence erases the old destiny. We were walking towards death, and now we are walking towards life.