Spiritual teaching, a

Does not protect us from hardships

June 28th 2019
Our Heavenly Father sent us down to earth to work on the advent of his kingdom, and the beings of light in the invisible world constantly provide us with favourable conditions for this work. But because these conditions rarely present themselves as we expect them to, we are seldom aware of them. It is so easy to be deceived by appearances. Many people who decide to undertake spiritual work expect Providence to grant them special favours and ideal conditions to make their task easier. And then, they encounter opposition and obstacles. Rather than complaining, becoming overwhelmed and giving up, they must study what is happening to them. What is the invisible world trying to tell them? What does it expect from them by sparing them neither difficulties nor failures? For despite appearances, difficulties and failures are also good conditions they must try to use to contribute to the realization of the kingdom of God within themselves and throughout the world.