Awareness of universality preserves us from solitude

June 29th 2019
Every human being is seemingly isolated and separate. In reality, there is a spiritual part of us that lives in the collective whole and in all beings, and we must become aware of this in order to feel fulfilled. Sometimes, someone complains to me unhappily, saying, ‘I am alone, I have no family’. In reality, they have a huge family, but their awareness is so limited, so obscured that they do not feel it. And this is the case for millions of people in the world: they feel alone, and yet... They must start to broaden their awareness, and they will understand that even if they no longer have a father or a mother, a brother or a sister, or any blood relatives, that is no reason to believe they are alone. In truth, they are all sons and daughters of the same Father, the cosmic Spirit, and the same Mother, universal nature. Let them work for all their brothers and sisters in the world, and they will never feel abandoned or unhappy again.