Beyond, in the

Human beings are left defenceless to their psychic world

July 2nd 2019
For as long as they are alive, criminals may remain indifferent and insensitive to what they inflict on others, and they may even succeed in escaping human justice. But when they die, they will not escape divine Justice. During their life on earth, their physical body, like a shell, prevents them from sensing the reality of the psychic world. But once they have been separated from their physical body, they are defenceless to their inner world, and the torments they fall prey to are nothing other than the consequences of the conditions they themselves created throughout their life. Cosmic Intelligence does not seek to take revenge or to punish them; no, it simply has laws that everyone must learn to respect in order to improve themselves. If they transgress these laws, they must go through the same suffering they inflicted on others. This is the only way to make them aware of their acts and draw lessons for their next incarnation.