Physical body, our

The spokesperson of our spirit

July 4th 2019
By simply glancing at the structure of a human body and the way it functions, we discover with what ingenuity and wisdom Cosmic Intelligence created it so that we may make it the spokesperson of our spirit. Our spirit and our body are not separate from each other. Our spirit's main role is to work on our body, and then, thanks to our body, to work on the entire earth, for the earth is, in a way, an extension of our own body. Most human beings appear to have no idea what they are here in this world for. Yet, deep down within themselves they know; they know that they are here to use the power of their spirit to create. Cosmic Intelligence has etched this programme in them. But because they are caught up in the constraints of matter, they forget and they leave this life having destroyed more than they built; starting very precisely with their own body which, through their neglect and excess, they have been incapable of keeping in good health.