Subconscious, our

Exploring it requires that we know how to protect ourselves

July 6th 2019
Nobody would venture into the abysses of the earth or the depths of the seas without the right equipment or sufficient preparation and training. But when it comes to descending into the depths of their own nature, people think it is easy and without risk. However, that is where the greatest dangers lie, and to avoid them, you must prepare and equip yourselves by rising up to the regions situated above your consciousness and self-consciousness – to the regions of the super-consciousness. Anyone wanting to explore the subconsciousness must first rise on high, because it is up there in the higher world that they will acquire knowledge about the lower worlds and the entities living there. They must also develop purity and self-control so as to form an aura of light around themselves to protect them and guide them in this dark labyrinth. The lower entities, sensing that they are well-armed, will move away. And if they find themselves in danger, the heavenly beings, who know that these humans have reached the end of their evolution and must therefore explore the abysses within themselves, will not abandon them.