The feeling of freedom they give is an illusion

July 15th 2019
There is a warning sign to be seen in the fact that more and more people, especially the youth, are turning to drugs. It is the human soul trying to make its needs known: for it is suffocating and drugs are a means to free itself. Apparently, this 'opium' that is religion, was supposed to have been banished? Well, we now have marijuana, heroin, cocaine and so on. Is this preferable? The soul needs the infinity of space. And when it feels limited and smothered, it seeks whatever means it can to free itself. Alcohol and drugs are examples of these means because they can push the soul out of the physical body and momentarily give it an illusion of freedom and space. But this is only an illusion because drugs are just a material element given to the body. And it is the soul that needs to free itself, not the body. Drugs are a clue that the soul seeks to travel in infinite space, but they cannot satisfy its needs. Not only are drugs unable to satisfy it, but they also destroy the physical body.